Castle gardens

The three-hectare park adjoining the castle is over 300 years old. It was built by Jan Mathys Merckelbach, whose father, Simon Merckelbach, acquired the castle in 1764. Most of the trees dating from this period still stand in the castle park today. 

There are two moats in the castle park. The first one, located directly behind the castle, was created at the time the castle was built. The second moat, that marks the end of the park, was built at the same time as the park. Both moats flow into the "Little Gulp" which, in turn, flows into the Meuse, north of Maastricht. 

Today, the park is open to the public and is often used by hikers and cyclists in the Gulp Valley. 
You, too, can use the castle park as a starting point for hikes and excursions in the surrounding area.